Shoe Painting


Thuy Pham, Journalist

There is a new trend that fashion’s leading influencers and stylists have fallen in love with, and that is painting on one’s shoes. Painting on one’s shoes started out as a creative outlet for fashion designers and some of the fashion industry’s biggest names. Small business especially have utilized this creative outlet to start profit-earning projects or to have their art extend to a wider audience than the one that they currently have. Though the trend of painting on one’s shoes has been around for a while, it was not until this past year that artists who paint on some of the most major shoe brands of the fashion world gained attention for these pieces of art.

What makes painted shoes from major designers so valuable? For starters, shoes that are painted on are exclusive and nearly one-of-a-kind. Though artists can paint the same design on each shoe, each stroke of paint and mix of color is unique to each and every shoe – which it makes that much more unique. In addition, the cost of the painting and the time that goes into the shoe makes the pair that much more valuable. Now, take some of fashion’s biggest names in shoes from Converse to Vans to Nike – and imagine some of their biggest shoes with unique designs painted onto them.

Most shoe artists, especially those who have painted on their shoes often have humble beginnings, whether its on Etsy or on Instagram where they post their art in hopes of selling some of their pieces. From social media platforms such as Instagram to Twitter, shoe painting has been an art that has caught many people’s eyes all around the world. It’s only a matter of time until painted shoes become a staple item in closets.