From Italy to the United States


Thuy Pham, Journalist

Gelato, plausibly one of the most well-known desserts in the world, has increasingly begun to make its appearance on social media platforms from Instagram to Facebook. One gelato place in particular, which hails right out of Italy, is especially popular to tourists and locals in their locations both in Los Angeles and New York City. Amorino, which was founded in 2002, has opened various locations across the United States from major cities such as Los Angeles to even Chicago or Las Vegas. Amorino crafts various types of European delicacies, from milkshakes to granitas to macarons. Though Amorino produces a variety of desserts, they are most known for their gelato.

One may be wondering what is so special about Amorino’s gelato in comparison to all of the other gelato places in Los Angeles and the state of California as a whole. For starters, their gelato is handcrafted and made fresh everyday. They have a variety of flavors that hail from Italy in combination with a variety of sorbet flavors. From Italian classics like stracciatella to unique fruits like passion fruit, Amorino provides its customers with a variety of choices for their choice of a cone or a cup.

Though it already sounds special from handcrafted desserts to gelato, Amorino doesn’t stop there. When crafting their gelato cones, regardless of the size that customers select, workers create a rose shaped gelato cone for customers to enjoy. On top of that, customers have the freedom to choose as many flavors as they’d like from the dozen that Amorino has available. Whether it’s their classic sorbet or their decadent gelato, Amorino is a dessert place that satisfies the taste palettes of almost everyone.

Amorino has been opening up locations across the United States in some of the nation’s most major cities. It’s only a matter of time until Amorino becomes one of the most major gelato chains of the United States, especially with some its major locations in Los Angeles or New York.