CdM Dance’s Spring Show


Natasha Karam, Journalist

On Thursday May 30th and Friday May 31st CdM’s Dance Department showcased their annual Spring Show. The theme of the show was ‘Iconic,’ meaning the dancers were dancing to songs sung by some of the world’s most iconic singers. The show has dancers from both high school and middle school dance along with a few performances by CdM Orchesis.
Some of the artists displayed throughout the show include, Queen, Michael Jackson, Adele, Britney Spears, and Beyonce. Freshman and Orchesis dancer, Brooke Dauderman, said,” I love getting to perform to artists who greatly influenced our music culture. Plus it’s always fun to get to share the stage with my team.”
The show brought together all of CdM’s dancers to perform and do what they love for their parents and peers. Like no other dance event at CdM, the Spring Show is inclusive to all dancers which gives the show much more variety.
The Spring Show featured beginning dancers who are just starting their dance journey and advanced dancers who have devoted years to dance. After seeing the show, a CdM mom stated,” It was such an entertaining show and I loved getting to see all the different grades of dancers do what they love.”
For CdM seniors who are part of the dance department, it was their last time on stage before ending their high school career. Having spent her entire highschool dancing and her last two years as a part of Orchesis, senior, Ally Lobel stated,” It felt so fulfilling to get to share the stage with my team for the last time in a show that featured all of the school’s dancers. My dance journey has been an amazing one but I am ready to begin my new path at SMU.”
The Spring Show brought the end of 2019’s dance shows at CdM. The show was a success and brought together all the dancers friends and families.