Malibu Farms

Malibu Farms

Ivy Hollander, Journalist

Recently opened on Lido Island, Malibu Farms is a restaurant that offers strictly healthy food. Their meals do not contain any substitutes or “fake food” so that the customers are eating very healthy and real food.

Helene Henderson started Malibu Farms a few years ago. She began by holding cooking classes and farm dinners out in her home. She moved her business to the end of Malibu Pier. Her business grew and she now has locations in Lido Marina Village, Orange County, Montecito, Cabo San Lucas, Lanai in Hawaii, and Miami, Florida. Malibu Farms plans on opening more locations all over.

They have a brunch and a dinner menu, as well as including drinks on the menu. One of their most popular items for brunch is the acai bowl. This includes strawberries, bananas, and vegan and gluten free granola. An item offered for brunch as well as dinner is the Newport Nachos. The Newport Nachos are perfect portions for two people for a light lunch. They consist of blue and white corn chips, queso blanco, monterey jack cheese, creme fraiche, green onions, pickled jalapeño, and fresno chili.

Another one of their popular plates are the pan roasted branzino fish tacos. Malibu Farms loves working with seafood, and to keep it healthy they only use sustainable seafood. The fish tacos includes cabbage slaw, pepper jack cheese, and cilantro lime crema.

The restaurant also offers a private dining room. This option is perfect for a birthday or just an event with friends or family. Besides being a healthy restaurant, Malibu Farms also sells clothing, books, and tableware. They sell their cookbook which contains 100 recipes, cool pictures, and stories about Malibu, California. If wanted, people can buy a signed copy by requesting it online. Each copy of the book is $40.

Though Malibu Farms has light portions, eating there is a great way to be healthy. Their food has always been very fresh and hearty. Malibu Farms will continue to grow their business throughout the United States to share their love for eating good.