CdM Leadership

CdM Leadership

Micky Rai, Journalist

Corona del Mar High School has many fun activities and clubs that students can join. There are leadership clubs such as At Your Service (AYS) and Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) as well as sports teams such as wrestling and lacrosse. Clubs such as AYS, PAL, and others are good to join for many reasons. For example, they provide a fun and sociable atmosphere, club members help to set a good example for the rest of the school, and throughout the club, students can discover their passions.

Starting off with P.A.L, Peer Assistance Leadership is an amazing club to join. Dedicated to helping students on and off the campus, PAL members are known as safe and trustworthy people to talk to. In this club, members help to organize events such as Red Ribbon Week and Look Up Week. Students can talk to P.A.L members and know that whatever issues they have will try to be resolved. PAL members also get to have fun and hang out with other members over summer. For example, this summer, PAL members are going to Palm Springs for a few days. In order to get in, students must complete a document answering questions on why they want to join and what they would do to help the club.

The National Honors Society club, NHS, is also a great leadership club to join. NHS members meet and engage in campus and community leadership activities. In order to get in, students must complete a document where they write about not only their academic achievements but also their empathetic abilities and why they think they should be in NHS.

At Your Service, also known as AYS, is another leadership club dedicated to volunteering and helping the community. Members help out in soup kitchens and give back to Corona del Mar. They organize the “Giving Thanks Campaign” during November and volunteer at the CdM inclusion dance. In order to join AYS, students must complete a document and answer questions such as “What does community service mean to you?”

Finally, the Human Relations Council is another option available to students. Their mission is to “educate our campus, unify our community, and stand up for social justice.” This club helps to speak out against bullying and increases awareness about bullying and other problems around the campus and community.

All in all, CdMHS has many fun and interesting clubs to join. The application week has passed, but these clubs are open to all high schoolers at any grade, so anyone can apply next year.