Catmosphere Laguna


Angelina Jia, Journalist

Catmosphere Laguna is a cafe in Laguna Beach, CA where along with tasty drinks, customers can have the option of going into a cat lounge. The lounge is full of towers and toys, and is perfect for a fun and relaxing stop while in the area.

One of the great things about this location is that it is simple. Customers can just walk in, order a drink, ask to be in the lounge, sign a paper, pay a small fee, and then play with cats and kittens. Not only is it fun for the humans, the cats are also benefiting. The core purpose of the cafe is for the cats to find new homes. All of the felines have been rescued, and the lounge is a place to help them transition from wherever they were rescued from to a permanent home. They take donations which go 100% towards their playful friends, and have a look book telling curious people about the names and personalities of each and every cat they care for.

Not only is their purpose sweet, their drinks are delicious too. They have the classics like iced coffee and chai tea, and also have fun matcha and fruity drinks. People are allowed to enjoy their drinks among the cats, while also wearing the cute cat ears the cafe provides people when going into the lounge.

While in the room where it all happens, you can immediately see that all of the cats and kittens are perfectly happy and relaxed. Their vibes can be felt throughout the entire room and allow anyone in there to just take a deep breath. The little full balls wander around to their heart’s content and love it when someone gives them attention. It is a really fun experience, and I highly recommend Catmosphere Laguna to anyone who is looking for a new, relaxing, and adorable way to have coffee.