Benefits of Lemon Water


Angelina Jia, Journalist

Lemons are an amazing fruit, known to flavor and scent many things. What some may not know is that they come with huge health benefits. While biting into one isn’t everyone’s first choice, just adding this citrus’s juice to your morning glass of water will do wonders for your well-being.

According to Edison Institute of Nutrition and several other sources, morning lemon water will boost vitamin c levels, helping with the immune system. This is especially handy during cold and flu season since it will give extra protection from the illnesses. Since lemons have anti-inflammatory properties, it will help fight respiratory tract infections, sore throats, and reduce muscle and joint pains. Digestion should also improve, cleansing your system and keeping your digestive health up. The lemon will also promote the liver to flush out toxins, which will, in turn, allows for a quicker metabolism and more ideal blood. The drink also helps the body maintain balanced pH levels. Balanced body pH can improve skin, mental alertness, ability to sleep, and much more. These positive effects of balanced body pH are stated and explained in the book “Balancing your Body” by Mary Bond. An anonymous student at CdM explains, “I read about drinking lemon water every morning online and decided to give it a try. Since then, I feel more awake and just healthier overall.” They made it a New Year’s resolution and were happy they had. The student felt that this one small step made a difference and that they would continue to work towards a better lifestyle.

Although any temperature of water will still have the benefits of the lemon’s juice, warm water is ideal. Medical Daily describes some of the positives of warm water, one of the largest being blood circulation improvement. Overall, drinking (preferably warm) lemon water most, if not every morning, can do great things for your health. Students especially can benefit, since it can help with alertness and well as sleep, keeping them ready for each day of school.