Staying Happy and Healthy at Home: Social Distancing Tips from Senior Jilly Senk


Photo via Jilly Senk’s health Instagram, @jillysplantbased

Samantha Pierotti, Journalist

COVID-19 has seemingly screwed everything up. The schedule changes, social changes, and newfound time at home can be overwhelming and scary for some students. California’s governor has recommended social distancing, which means staying away from friends and indoors for most parts of the day. School has gone online, along with socializing, and Zoom has become a necessity for Americans everywhere. While this may seem like a curse, senior Jilly Senk has been able to see the silver lining of this bleak situation.

Jilly started her blog on Instagram before the pandemic: her first post was March 19th, featuring a breakfast bowl of coconut yogurt paired with a welcoming caption. “I decided to start my account because veganism is something I’ve become increasingly passionate about,” says Senk, “and I wanted to express in a non-preachy way eating plant-based is not as difficult as it seems!” She noted with distance learning picking up, it was the perfect time for her to start her passion project.

When asked what she has struggled most with through the school to home shift, Senk answered that she has a lot more time on her hands. “I’m used to having lacrosse and extracurriculars in addition to homework, and so I’ve been trying to use my new free time in fun but productive ways,” she says. Some of the new hobbies that she’s picked up include film photography, cooking, and yoga.

Many students can relate to Senk’s struggle. Without the constant rise and grind of school, a lot of kids are struggling to stay focused on their homework. “My best advice for students doing online school is to try to maintain a sort of routine yourself,” Senk advises, “use time to relax and recharge, but also try to dedicate a specific part of your day to homework or whatever else you have to do so that the day doesn’t escape you!”

The posts on Senk’s account are a mix of healthy recipes, blog posts with her daily routines, and advice to stay fit both mentally and physically. Her recipes range from overnight oats to lattes to cookies, and she gives helpful instructions and tips in every caption. Check her out on Instagram @jillysplantbased for some helpful tips during the pandemic!