What to do? Winter Edition


Photo courtesy: Alexis Briggeman. Relaxing winter sunset, taken while running in the chilly weather

Alexis Briggeman, Journalist

Along with the noticeable chill the winter season brings, the arrival of this time causes students to anticipate the upcoming holidays, regardless of religion or tradition. The chilly weather requires students to trade their bathing suits for puffer jackets, shifting Seakings daily activities. Trips to the beach cease, morphing into long drives up to the mountains. Snow falls decorating the mountains in the distance with just enough white to make Seakings look forward to weekend ski trips.

Some students take special advantage of the holiday lights and decorations put up during this time. Senior Ryleigh Snow states that she especially enjoys, “Drinking hot chocolate and walking around Balboa to look at the Christmas lights.” Balboa Island, a very festive area, has seasonal competitions promoting community spirit making the island a wonderful place to get into the holiday spirit. A short walk down the waterfront will show countless homes decorated from top to bottom with some holiday-related theme, ranging from Christmas rhyme schemes to a life-size Elf exhibit. Snow testifies to the spirit classifying it as, “festive.” A great way to get in the holiday spirit, rock holiday fashion, and spend time with friends.

Other students prefer indoor activities, like senior Milan Bever who states that her favorite winter activity is, “Watching Christmas movies and baking cookies with [her] friends.” Baking in the winter is especially fun, creating a warm treat inside while the cold rain pours outside. Many agree that nothing is better than home-cooked cookies, warm blankets, and a movie marathon. Some holiday favorites include The Charlie Brown Christmas Story, Home Alone, and Elf.

No matter how students celebrate the winter season it is important to take a break from school and enjoy the shift in weather; whether this means cookies, movies, or decoration viewing. Seakings should make an extra effort to get outside (or stay inside if the activity calls for it) and enjoy the short lived winter atmosphere.