Halloween Festivities


Photo of haunted house with spider web background. Photo courtesy of @nancyspasic on PicsArt.

As the end of October nears, the Halloween spirit spreads throughout the school. Friends are collaborating costume ideas and making plans for the day, as well as the weekend leading up to it. Students are attending Knott’s Scary Farm to wander through the tricky mazes and get scared by the roaming monsters. Stores are stocked with fake pumpkins and cobwebs as well as witches and ghosts can be seen more frequently in the displays. Candy is taking up more room on grocery store shelves as people prepare to hand out and wolf down candy. Classic Halloween movies such as the animated Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline, as well as the horror movies It and Silence of the Lambs are being viewed by many students to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. Houses have been decorated with big spiders with cobwebs, and skeletons are set up on the lawn. As Halloween rapidly approaches, CdM students brainstorm festivities for their spooky season.


For people of all ages across the country, this holiday also means choosing a costume. With seemingly infinite options, there is a wide variety of outfits to choose from. Popular costumes and trends change through the years, especially for teenagers and college students, but certain trends often make comebacks. Some classic choices that are bound to make appearances every Halloween night for the next few years include space girls, cowgirls, police officers, firefighters, characters from the Wizard of Oz, characters from Clueless, angels, devils, hippies, bikers, Harley Quinn, and the Joker. These are all perfect for group or solo costumes, and relatively easy to find at any Halloween store. Some other costumes specific to this year in pop culture include Cassie and Maddie from the hit show Euphoria, jumpsuits from the movie Top Gun, and characters from Stranger Things.


While these trends still hold out at CdM, there are also some more creative costumes being thought of by students. For example, junior Alexander Crisholm had the unique idea to dress up as “Walter White from Breaking Bad.” He is excited for Halloween, even though he does not “know his plans yet.” Sophomore Audrey Long’s costume idea is a “penguin” and she is planning to “go over to one of her friend’s houses,” which seems to be a popular plan among students this year. Joining in on the trend, sophomore Nerekon Tabatabai is also planning on “watching a movie with [his] friends.” Wanting to participate in a group costume with her friends, sophomore Hayley Rael is thinking about being “Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks.” She is also very excited to “binge out on candy.” As a result of her brainstorming, senior Simone Parvizi had the creative idea of going as an “insurance agent from State Farm.” Also deciding on a creative costume, junior Lillia Edalat thinks that this year she will be dressing up as “Superman”. While other students, such as Tabatabai, are still deciding on their “costume[s] for this year”, the ones who have already chosen theirs are sure to impress.


Every Halloween costume worn by a CdM student, whether a popular trend or a creative idea, adds to the festivities and holiday cheer. The wide variety and creativity expressed in these costumes are a testament to the school’s spirit in general. Halloween, filled with candy and scary monsters, is a favorite holiday for many students, and this year’s Halloween is sure to be amazing. The next exciting stop is the holiday season, which many CdM students are eagerly awaiting.