Senior Kaboom


From left to right: Allison Garrett, Cole Hendrickx, Haley Esquino, and Pierce Hemphill.

Aliyah Cohen, Journalist

For the past three months, CdM seniors have been battling to win the “Senior Kaboom” title (previously known as senior assassin) coordinated by senior Charlotte Chung. Seniors who participated paid $10 to enter the game, and were assigned to eliminate another senior by spraying them with water. Safe zones were created where players were not permitted to be eliminated, such as their own home, during class, sports practices and games, rehearsals, and performances, jobs, religious institutions, cemeteries, or medical facilities. Also, to be safe from elimination, the safety item of the week was mandatory to be worn and visible at all times unless in a safe zone.


Every week, a safety item was added starting with a fanny pack, then a cowboy hat, and a Hawaiian shirt the following week. As the weeks went on, the safety items became more difficult to wear, getting as far as a head of broccoli and a soccer ball.


Eliminating opponents was not an easy task and sometimes involved following and stalking a target to spray them with water. After this, it was required to send a clear video of the act as evidence to the “Senior Kaboom” Instagram page for an official elimination. The game went on for seven weeks, and the final round’s safety items included sunglasses, a bandana, an apron, a jar of pickles, a fanny pack, a suitcase, and an In n Out Hat.


After weeks of dedication and public embarrassment, four seniors, Cole Hendrickx, Haley Esquino, Pierce Hemphill, and Allison Garrett took the title. Haley Esquino stated, “The hardest part was wearing my stuff outside of school, and people that didn’t know what was going on probably were very confused and thought I was crazy, but it was worth it.” Haley was a dedicated “kaboomer” and went as far as wearing the final rounds safety items to a nail salon. Cole Hendrickx explained how difficult and stressful it was to wear and remember the safety item; he said, “it was worth it, but I’m so relieved it’s finally over.”