Choir Dessert Show


Angelina Jia, Journalist

To get in the Valentine’s Day mood, CdM vocal music put on their annual dessert show. The show consisted of live music, an open auction, and incredible desserts. Although it was a little warm outside, the venue was set up beautifully by the parent advocacy group, with pink and white tables with orchids decorating them all. Senior Miceala Saber described how her “favorite part was the decor, I think they really went all out”. In front of the tables were the performing areas. Two stages were set, with flowers adorning them, one for soloists and one for choirs. The concert switched between the two, with two or three solos in between each group’s song. Behind the tables was where the bidding and dessert action were. Many tables full of fun auction items like lunch with Mr. Hill and jewelry were set up, along with cool desserts in between. The dessert menu consisted of lemon bites, cheesecake samples, a drink called “love potion #9” and cookies, all passed out by choir members. Senior Anna Linn commented that “The food has been my favorite part, the cheesecake was good.” Especially on a hot day, the cold desserts and drinks were indeed good.


As things settled down towards the end of the two-hour show, onlookers were able to enjoy the performances even more. The quieter setting allowed watchers to hear incredible solos like Savannah Harper and Tess Fox’s performance of “Stay” by Rihanna. Another notable performance was Carter Day’s “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, in which he both sang and played the harmonica. Saber commented that her “favorite soloist was definitely Maddie because it was her first time performing in front of a crowd for CdM vocal music.” Overall the music, crowd, food, and Valentine’s Day ambiance were memorable and something to look forward to next year.