Spending Time Alone


Alexis Briggeman, Journalist

Picture this. The week has come and gone, Fridays are normally full of plans and opportunities, but it seems that all your friends are stuck at home with COVID or have left on trips. Options are limited now; you can sit at home and spend the evening sulking or you can make the most of your newfound alone time. Sound familiar?

Although spending time by yourself can appear intimidating, spending time alone can be extremely beneficial for mental health as well as your own day-to-day happiness. According to a Forbes article published in 2017, alone time can increase empathy, productivity, and creativity.  A great way to spend time alone is to go on a walk or run (if you are an overachiever). There are countless scenic routes that Newport Beach provides. Walking down by the flower streets in Corona del Mar, walking around Balboa Island, as well as walking on the boardwalk are great options that provide a beautiful view as well.

Living so close to the beach, beautiful sunsets are a given. Driving down to the beach or to Inspiration point and then watching the sunset is a great way to spend time by yourself while also appreciating the beautiful nature around you.

Starting a new book is also a great way to occupy yourself and nurture your mind simultaneously. Reading is said to make you better at writing and it can be very entertaining. Take some time and do some research to find the perfect book. Then find a comfy spot, settle in, and start reading! Junior Maggie Marr loves to spend time alone reading because “it makes the time go by faster and [she] feels more productive reading than watching Netflix or Youtube.”

    There are countless things to do in this world and being alone should not stop you from doing them! Go out, cross things off your bucket list! It will force you to grow in so many ways and you may pick up a new hobby along the way! If you ever run out of things to do, junior Nika Aydin says she likes to spend time alone, “in my car playing Plants Vs. Zombies”, which never fails!