Surf League Finals


Tara Ordoubadian, Ryleigh Snow, and Didi Evans.

Ryleigh Snow, Journalist

As the CdM surf season came to an end, the individual league championships took place on Wednesday, January 12th from 7 am-3 pm. This all-day contest occurred on the southside of Huntington pier, with conditions only advanced surfers could take on. Surfline said it would be 5 to 7 feet, and one of the only times Surfline hasn’t turned into surf LIE was Wednesday. Sets were pumping out of the back consistently with small lulls making the paddle out tough. Not to mention the insane current carrying the surfers 30 yards in 30 seconds, so paddling towards the pier quickly became a necessity in a matter of moments in the water.

CdM held a record year for the individuals in the finals. Three girls, (Tara Ordubadian, Didi Evans, and Ryleigh Snow) and four boys. (Aiden stein, Owen Edwards, Justin Knott, and Conrad Bancroft) All the surfers who advance to the finals get to take home a trophy, which ranges in size depending on the placement of 1st through 6th. These seven surfers were stoked to be gifted these trophies and took a photo with them behind the judge’s booth.

Although the formal name for these surfers is the CdM surf team, it might catch one off guard when they hear about the bodyboarding (aka boogie boarding) division! At the league finals, 2 heats total determined who the best bodyboarders of the league are. This is not only a fun spot to try out, but also to watch compete! Boogie boarders charge big waves with sick tricks to place on the scoresheet. Jack moody, a CdM boogie boarder says, “Boogie boarding is sick because I go for the bigger waves that not all the surfers can get to. My fins help me a lot.”

Tara Ordubadian not only won first place in women’s short boarding but now has her first sponsor! She has been working so hard and it’s paying off. She was the only girl to advance to the finals last year when she placed 4th and now has taken the role as the best women’s short boarder in the league. “I’m so psyched to have won this comp and I can’t wait for next year.” Go, Tara!

The CdM surf team is growing in size and rankings as they head into off-season to prepare for next year’s competitions. Make sure to support the team!