CdM Track Holiday Dinner


Britta Wolker, Journalist

At last: the infamous finals week has come to a close. With several holiday parties occurring within clubs and sports, CdM’s track team had their very own celebration at El Ranchito’s Thursday night. After prepping with some technique focus during offseason, next year will be the official preparations for Spring Season. After practice that day, the team gathered together that night for quality time and an intense round of White Elephant.


The girls were the first to arrive. Naturally, they were scarfing down loads of warm tortilla chips delivered almost by the minute to replenish the emptied bowls. When Alex Lujan (12), and the one and only, Coach Gately arrived, everyone began ordering. When the food came, the Baja Bowl was notably the most popular meal chosen. Feverishly chewing down rice, beans, tortillas, and sauces, the team was at constant chatter. Seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen gravitated towards their own corners to chat. By the time the plates were finished, everyone seemed rather happy. Gately’s son loved his tractor and lego set gifted to him by the team, and equally Coach, with her beautiful bouquet of flowers and a Trader Joe’s Gift Card.


At the end of the night, the tables had straw wrappings, spilled water, and dirty napkins scattered all over the table as everyone gathered to one end of the table to open gifts. An especially aggressive approach was taken to use the “steal” card to get the Starbucks gift card, the Bath and Body Works candle and body mist set, and fluffy candy socks with a bag of Reece’s. Perhaps the gift that caused the most uproar was the fight to receive a pair of Eggo waffle boxers.


One of the most admirable qualities of this team is their ability to coexist. There is no argument, no comparison, (but perhaps one too many excuses and complaints). CdM’s sprinters work to push each other and truly be kind to one another. It doesn’t matter what level someone is at in their running journey, Coach Gately has delivered the important message of discipline over anything else; and as a bonus, all members of the team work together to strive for success. Junior Bella Saari notes that “we owe so much for what Gately has done for us. I hope someday my form can be as top-notch as hers!”