Wellness Wednesday 12/8


Summer Perry, Journalist

With a week of stress and restless days of testing coming, the wellness committee over at ASB found a great opportunity to focus the minds at CdM on the fact that Christmas is around the corner. ASB can once again be proud of their tremendous efforts that left every student who attended feeling relieved and happy with the reassurance that the semester would be ending soon and all hard work would be paid off. Not only did ASB entice the students with ornament and snowflake making but they also chose to have students decorate cookies (unsurprisingly the cookies were gone shortly after the event started).


December’s Wellness Wednesday was filled with the desire to spread Christmas joy and to check on those who have become so wrapped up in the unwanted “gift” of having finals before winter break. With Christmas music playing in the background and students sprinkling sprinkles all over their cookies the room was filled with an abundance of laughter. This holiday spirit provided by ASB ultimately carried students onto their 6th period and made their days just a whole lot brighter.

This Wellness Wednesday gave students one last chance before break to connect with others who feel overworked or strained from getting used to in-person school again. Finals week is always a difficult period in time for all those involved (students, teachers, and parents) and because of this, Wellness Wednesday could not have come at a better time. Seeing that ASB puts so much effort into creating wonderful events all year round, the CdM community especially thanks them for creating and hosting this relaxing and fun event. Like any other Wellness Wednesday ASB did a fantastic job with creating an environment filled with comfort and Christmas cheer!


Trident hopes everyone has an amazing Christmas break CdM community!