“Wellness Wednesday” with ASB


Photo Courtesy : Summer Perry Collage Edited through Picsart ASB Poster and Pictures From “Wellness Wednesday”

Summer Perry, Journalist

On the 17th of November, at 11:15 am ASB proudly hosted and promoted Wellness Wednesday. This time they chose to let everyone who came, paint whatever they wanted on a blank canvas. To destress and to let go of any anxiety, few let their hands float across the canvas, whisking away the brush with any of the four colored paints. With every Wellness Wednesday comes a goal and a mindset for the mindfulness leaders over at ASB. Addie Briggeman, a Freshman at CdM and member of ASB explained the reason for Wellness Wednesday, saying how “the goal is for everyone to just come in, relax, and not have to worry about their next class.”


Senior Emily Valentine, also expressed how “school can be very stressful, and students don’t take advantage of the breaks that they have.” She then went on to say how students “let the stress from their classes bleed into lunch, and end up studying during lunch.” This struggle to keep up with every class and keep the mind running at all hours of the day ends up hurting the mindsets of young adults and students. The benefit of Wellness Wednesday is not only to give students a break from their school day but to keep them in check with their mental health.


Seeing that the world has gone through many challenges because of the pandemic, teenagers and students have grown used to pushing their feelings down and not focusing on what truly matters, which is their mental health. Valentine answered the question, “what small things can make the tiniest impact on one’s mindset?” She said, “any time that [she has] a break… [she’ll] go home and stretch for a little bit.” This frequent activity can be the one thing that the body needs to rejuvenate or recuperate from a long day.


The event presents itself to be a day to release anything and everything that feels like a burden or feels too hard to handle.


In all, every Wellness Wednesday is important to the CdM students as it reaches out to more and more of them every time.


Look out for the next Wellness Wednesday event to get in touch with your mental health and become a better version of yourself!