Girl’s Water Polo Catalina Trip


Aliyah Cohen, Journalist

After months of morning and afternoon training, the CdM Girls water polo team spent the first weekend of November on Santa Catalina Island. The team arrived at the Catalina Flyer on Main Street on a brisk Saturday morning. They boarded the flyer and climbed the stairs to the top deck. Sitting through a one-and-a-half-hour windy boat ride was not unbearable when sailing across the Pacific Ocean while surrounded by giggling friends. Junior Sarah Decker stated that she had not been to Catalina since she was little and “was excited for team bonding outside the pool.”


When the flyer landed on the island, the group began their trek towards Mt. Ada.


The first team bonding activity was to find something in common with every teammate through a game of “Would you rather. Senior Mia Bernhoit asked freshman Piper Sidebotham whether she would rather do a swim or leg set. Piper exclaimed, “I would take a leg set over swimming any day.”


The girls continued on the hike and snapped a few photos after reaching the top. Walking down, they listened to Hannah Montana’s “The Climb.” Everyone was in sweatpants and sweatshirts at the beginning of the hike, but by the end of the four miles, their original clothes were stuffed in their backpacks while wearing shorts and tank tops.


They spent the afternoon in the city of Avalon and browsed souvenir shops. Naturally, going to a coffee shop to get chai lattes was a must. By the end of the trip, the girls were starving and enjoyed lunch by the ocean, eating grilled cheese sandwiches and nachos for the table.


The ride home was so windy the girls huddled close together on the top deck. However, halfway through the trip, they were accompanied by a pod of dolphins jumping next to the flyer. The shivering group quickly turned to smiles and laughter, as what day is not instantly made with dolphins?