October Halloween Costumes


Ryleigh Snow, Journalist

As October is coming to an end, Haloween’s spirit soars through the air. Department stores smell like cinnamon and pumpkins, and front porches are decorated with spooky ghosts and goblins. Netflix recommends all the classics, like goosebumps and Frankenstein, and excited individuals search for the perfect Halloween party costume. When kids are young, costumes are so simple. They buy one costume from one store and boom, done! But when those kids grow up and enter high school, it’s a whole different ball game. There are parties every weekend leading up to the 31st, they have to buy at least 3 different pieces for your costumes, and they need to find the perfect Instagram caption that matches with their costume! To save Corona del Mar students the time of stressing out this year, Trident has asked fellow peers what they are dressing up as, or what they were last year for some inspiration! Ella Anvaripor, a Junior at CdM says, “I’m going to be an ice princess this year. My costume is super cute and I’m excited to wear it on Halloween night.” Ella also says she got her inspiration from Pinterest, which is a great place to find some last-minute costumes. Although boys have it much simpler when it comes to Halloween costumes, Kamran Sorab put in lots of thought and consideration to his costume last year. He says, “ I was Scooby Doo last year for Halloween because I had just watched the movie and was very influenced by Scooby’s intelligence and ability to solve mysteries.” Kamran wore a fuzzy dog onesie for the whole night. Some other ideas for Halloween 2021 costumes are mummy, vampire, boxer, firefighter, pink lady, Disney princess, police officer, sailor, hippie, and the most popular costume this year, a fairy! Hopefully, these costumes help inspire Corona del Mar’s students as Halloween creeps upon us! Get it. Creeps. Halloween. Muahaha!