CdM’s First Pep Rally of The Year


Summer Perry, Journalist

During the mass shutdowns that wiped out the nation, CdM had not had the opportunity to show school spirit or enthusiasm through pep rallies. As students and staff start getting adjusted to school, life starts opening up and normalizing to the way it once was. Now that the first pep rally of the year has finally been accomplished the community here at CdM can recap the events that happened on the memorable day of October 22nd, 2021.

The school day started like any other, but one thing that made it incredibly different was the Battle of the Bay game that was to have taken place after school and of course the energetic pep rally that started off everyone’s morning. In an effort to liven up the crowd ASB had prepared a sequence of events in order to entertain each and every student they could. Between the humorous videos played and the performances made by Cheer, Sparkle, Drumline, and Orchesis the audience showed enthusiasm and school pride.

Sophia Berzonetti, a Junior at CdM who performed on the Cheerleading squad for both rally’s explained how ¨It was fun getting back out there again¨ as she recalled not performing since Freshman year. The amazing performances made by the Cheer squad are what made the pep rally feel like a normal American High School pep rally.

Sarah Granthan a Senior at CdM who also impressively performed on the Cheerleading squad for both rally’s expressed how she too was ¨glad to see everyone back and coming to the rally.¨ She also then went on to say that ¨Even though it’s split up [between grades] everyone can still see the rally.¨ As far as first pep rallies go this one blew the video pep rallies that were issued during COVID out of the water.