Comedy Sportz


Anabelle Taylor, Journalist

The Comedy Sportz performance on Friday, October 15 was a wild ride from start to finish. Instead of flipping a coin to start the game, the referee said “nose goes!” Luckily, the CdM’s team captain touched his nose first, and they had the honor of proposing the first game. He chose “try that on for size.” Contenders in this game had to go back and forth and say they were “squishing a bug under their shoe” or “making a list for Santa” or “acting like a giant” and simultaneously mime it out. The game was played last- man- standing style and the rules were simple: players cannot repeat the same action or hesitate over their choice and they had to end their turn by saying, “try that on for size.” The Sea Kings started out strong by winning the first game.


Mission Viejo Highschool picked the next game- “Chain Murder.” This game was more complex and required everyone from the blue team to leave the theatre except one team member. In this round, the sacrificial lamb was Kate Terricani. While the rest of her team was out of earshot, the audience gave Kate a location, a murder weapon, and a victim. When her team came back, they could only communicate through “Jibber Jabber” as per the official rules. Unfortunately for Terricani, the scenario was nearly impossible to act out: Taylor Swift was murdered in Palm Springs with an “algebraic candlestick.” To add even more stress, the time the CdM team was given to act out the murder decreased exponentially. From there, it was like a game of telephone, and, as one can imagine, the message was distorted beyond recognition by the end.


The next game was “The Dating Game.” In this game, one member of the Mission Viejo left the room and everyone else was given a character from the audience. The eligible bachelor and bachelorettes were: a lamp, Shakira, and Tom Cruise. When the member of Mission Veijo returned, he claimed he was Kanye West and was in search of a new partner after the divorce. The lamp exclaimed that she likes him the most “because [he] lights up her life.” Shakira also interjected and said, “Well… I don’t lie and like to dance… with my hips.” And, Tom Cruise said that “love is like Mission Impossible, I mean, uh- an Impossible Mission.” Suffice to say, Mission Viejo won this round handedly.


Perhaps the most interactive improv act of the evening, “Town Hall ” involved the Comedy Sportz team to mingle with the audience and argue a given topic. The topic chosen was potatoes. CdM was for potatoes and Mission Viejo was against it. Mission Viejo claimed that “potatoes are too starchy,” and that “Once a sweet potato from Idaho killed my mother.” One Sea King took this act to a whole other level and represented all potatoes, as a potato. She was appalled that people in the town thought she was too starchy and declared, “if I could come out of the ground and leave this town, I would.” In response, a player from Mission Viejo took on the role of a Karen and said that all of her 12 kids had an acute potato allergy, so, all potatoes should be banned. At this point, the potato representative pointed to one of Karen’s kids and said, “Him! I know him! He isn’t allergic! He came late at night and ate my brethren!” It was at this point that the referee ended the game.


This was a truly entertaining and engaging event, and Trident is happy to report that Corona del Mar’s Comedy Sportz team won the match twenty-three to fifteen.