The Obstacle Course Seniors Go Through to Find Parking


Summer Perry, Journalist

As the first month draws to a close, CdM staff and students can reflect on the inconvenience of parking. Seniors especially are constantly talking about how incredibly frustrating it is to have to wait in line to turn into the parking lot. The issue of parking is difficult for everyone but Seniors can reflect on their years and really take in all of their experiences with parking.


Seniors have been through a lot over the past 4 years not just because of COVID but the stresses to get to class on time and drive to school when they haven’t been driving for very long. For new drivers like these, it takes a lot of getting used to and practice, to maneuver their ways around the parking lots.


In order to show just how aggravating the whole process of parking is for seniors, the senior class was asked to answer a questionnaire. Throughout this survey, seniors talked about their experiences with traffic and parking.


Senior Arsham Dionsyian expressed that “even if [he leaves] 30 minutes before the bell rings, [he gets] to school 30 seconds before the 2nd bell.” Arsham then explained how the school should resolve the issue which would be by “cooperating with the city government and adding traffic lights at the Mar vista, Eastbluff intersection, pool lot entrance, and Vista Del Oro and Eastbluff interchange.” He also expressed how there should be “cops patrolling and directing traffic with [Marshalling Wands] and whistles.”


Eliana Posin, also a senior, said that “[she has] been late to class because of parents dropping off their kids in the senior parking lot. She then also expressed how “[she lives] less than 10 minutes away, yet [has] to leave 20-30 minutes in advance to make sure [she gets] to class on time.” This unexpected traffic has not been easy for students to abide by, which is completely understandable as there is a high chance of not getting to school on time.


Sooner rather than later, this system of parking should be altered just because of the many complaints against the traffic times and parents dropping off their children. Seniors need to see that with their voices they can make changes in the parking system right now and have it at least become a little easier for them to get to school.