Club Rush 2021


Lexie Howell and Kyla Abdelgawad with the Decision education club

Elianna Posin, Journalist

Hundreds of students gathered together in the Quad, tables with magnificent presentations surround the stage, candy wrappers, unfortunately, are found within a 3-foot radius of every table. It’s a club rush. 


The three-day event, having taken place at lunch, had CdM students of all ages bustling around, looking for activities to occupy their free time. With 69 student-run clubs available to choose from: clubs ranging from the Current Events club to the Beach Volleyball club, to the Save Our Sharks club, that mission is easily accomplished. 


Club presidents are psyched to get their clubs up and running, eager for new recruits. Senior Bella Trachtman, president of the Bring Change to Mind club, revealed that club rush 2021 far exceeded her expectations. The Bring Change to Mind club focuses on the importance of mental health and aims to open up more conversations about mental illness, the stigma around it, and its impact on students. 


Trachtman discovered that the encounters she had with interested students, for the most part, went successfully for her club while rushing. “For the people that did actually seem interested in our club and didn’t just come up for our candy, the interactions went really well,” Tractman said. “Whether students want to admit it or not, almost everyone struggles with something. Once people saw that we were comfortable talking about this type of thing, they were a lot more [willing to join]” 


Not only did Trachtman and the Bring Change to Mind club have a rewarding Club Rush, but Senior Lexie Howell and her club, the Decision Education Club. The club concentrates on making the best decisions for oneself regarding school, colleges, time management, and overall better lifestyle choices. It stemmed from an organization that she had been working with over the summer, and wanted to introduce the helpful concepts to CdM.  Fortunately, The club gained lots of traction during Club Rush, Howell shared.


“I know it doesn’t sound like the most interesting club, especially compared to other clubs [on campus], but a lot of people seemed genuinely interested in it. We got over 20 students to sign up,” Howell said.  


Club Rush 2021 was a big success in many aspects. After a difficult year of quarantining and online school -especially having club rush 2020 being clicking on different zoom links- students are able to both host and find safe places within groups of peers with similar interests.


 “At first I was stressed about it, but it was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be,” Howell said with relief. “This should definitely be a CdM bucket list thing,”