Theory of Relativity: The Spring Musical


Angelina Jia, Journalist

This past week, CdM’s spring musical, Theory of Relativity, made its debut in the CdM theater. They were lucky enough to have access to CdM’s theater and had a creative and gorgeous set on stage which was made by students. It was a great opportunity for the actors to be able to pursue their passion even in times of COVID, and it was a great chance for the audience to support the arts.

Theory of Relativity is a show about many different, seemingly unrelated, storylines that are presented in form of solos and duets by the actors. As the show progresses, the audience starts seeing connections between the people and, from an outsider’s point of view, get an insight into how peoples’ lives connect in the real world. The musical dives into ideas of how different people fit in the world and their potential impact on someone else’s life, while also having many comedic moments. Each song had a different purpose and different level of seriousness, yet they all fit together by playing off one another. Along with the cast of the musical, for one song, CdM’s top vocal group, Madrigals, and their director Mr. Ball was featured on stage. On the final night of performances, emotions were running high when the actors called up Miss. Ybarra, technology director AJ, and “drama mom” Mrs. Harper to the stage to thank them. Miss. Ybarra then took a moment to recognize the seniors and wish them well as their journey continues in college. Overall, the show was an amazing showcase of each individual actor’s talent, especially musical talents.

Cast member Jeremy Tewari comments, “Theory was a great experience and it was truly amazing to finally be in the theater again. I’m grateful for everything everyone did to get us that opportunity.”