February Check-in


Britta Wolker, Journalist

It hasn’t been long since the 2020-2021 Trident Magazine staff released its second issue of the year: New Moon (be sure to get your own copy!). In short, it encourages new beginnings in a time where beginning again can be highly difficult. In fact, the article titled “New Moon, New Me?” guides the reader on advice towards starting the new year considering different situations and additional advice on how to battle with doubts and pessimistic thinking. March is right around the corner, and with two months into the new year, it’s time to dabble into some questions. First and foremost, how is everyone holding up?

Patience —its worst enemy: frustration. It can be quite tempting to give-up and lose motivation. Big or small, true passion will override any sense of short-term motivation. Passionate about recording a hand-written weekly schedule or passionate about breaking a personal-best. All is valid.

“I almost lost patience for Mrs. Keane’s math homework; and I did it so she wouldn’t get mad at me.” Ryleigh Snow (10)

To step outside the usual comfort zone. Never simple. However to be fearful forever should be feared a whole lot more. At a certain point, even if it takes a little while or a long while, the moment one decides to finally let loose and be slightly impulsive will feel like a weight lifted off the shoulders. Dare to dare —and aim for even better.

“I was afraid to feel vulnerable when applying for college, but once I was done and read over them I was like ‘this is exactly how I want them to get to know me’, I knew I had made the right call. It’s hard to imagine writing so much deep stuff about yourself for a stranger to dissect and judge you upon, but it’s also the brave thing to do and it’s the only way for readers to feel like they know the real you” Sydney Sharp (12).

Never promise change without action. For one to set sights on anything, a positive change must occur. Unleash your inner ambition, and catch yourself at times when you notice nothing is changing. What’s the hold-up?

“Moving into 2021 one of the things that I’ve been trying to work on is being myself. Although it sounds cliché, I have become so accustomed to being so many versions of myself that I never stopped to ask myself who I really was. Now that I know, I’m ready to step forward as the person that I am and am finally comfortable with being.” Ashley Riba (10)

To set goals is to check up on them. These questions are miniscule to the true effort it takes to better yourself. It’s no easy task, and oftentimes advice may seem utterly useless. That’s because it is, unless it’s taken. Really sit and reflect once in a while: ‘how am I, and how can I become better?’