Ski Season Changes


Angelina Jia, Journalist

Ski season may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that the mountains have gotten any less fun. While traveling is not encouraged currently, trips are still happening, but with proper precautions such as covid tests, keeping a mask on, social distancing, not eating out, etc. For those who end up traveling to the snow with family though, here’s how some of the mountain scenes look. The students who discussed their trips preferred to stay anonymous.

In Mammoth, the number of resort visitors and lift tickets sold are being closely monitored to prevent overcrowding, which means it’s quieter than most years, but lift tickets must be bought at least a day in advance. Mammoth Mountain has stated that they will require masks everywhere near the mountain, except for when a person is going down a slope since they are distanced and outdoors. One CdM student commented on the experience, saying “I was up at Mammoth Mountain and on the mountain, the employees were really strict about everyone keeping their masks on and staying away from other groups. It got a little crowded by a lift at one point, but a lift operator came out and told everyone to not get so close. Overall though it was really fun, and I thought they did a good job trying to follow guidelines.” Not only were people able to ski/snowboard, but most restaurants were also open for takeout with outdoor self-seating for those who wanted to, as well as tubbing and ice skating venues being open to small groups.

Up in Brain Head, Utah, things are looking very similar to Mammoth. Although Brain Head Resort doesn’t require lift tickets to be purchased in advance, they are limiting the number sold and strongly encourage it. They also are requiring masks at all times around the mountain, but not while physically skiing down.  A CdM student who went earlier in February described the visit as “really fun even with covid restrictions. You had to wear a mask when going on the lift” Snow tubing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling are still available in the area and make for fun activities to do in a very small group.

Both students feel very fortunate to have been able to travel at all this year, and are glad they got to enjoy the ski season a little. The two mountains have the same precautions in place and are trying to make it as typical of an experience as possible.

*disclaimer* Although in theory, everything should be coronavirus-safe, there are always people who don’t follow guidelines and risk others, so no, traveling is still not encouraged.