Conspiracy Series; A series of mind boggling conspiracy theories each month!

Conspiracy Series;  A series of mind boggling conspiracy theories each month!

Hunter Lejano, Journalist

These new conspiracy theories this month will make one ponder about universes, water brands, and lockdowns everywhere. Here to help open one’s mind into a deeper, yet more creative way of thinking outside the box. The new movie Songbird is a prime example of predictive programming in this theory. Songbird is supposed to come out this year and is based on Covid-19. Many believe that the creators of this movie are predictive programming, which is a form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with a planned societal change to be implemented by our leaders. Student Ellie Tolan(11) adds “so the media is psychologically brainwashing us to accept something that is about to happen. I feel like this happens more often than we all think.” Predictive programming was also believed to have happened in 9/11 as well because of the many cartoons imitating the twin towers and the destruction of 9/11 before the crisis actually happened. In the cartoon, Johnny Bravo, there was a poster of the twin towers and one of the buildings with an explosion at the top with the caption of “coming soon” in the episode “Chain Gang johnny” aired April,27,2001… before 9/11. Clips from the trailer from Songbird are greatly realistic and resemble a lot of the chaos that had already happened or future plans that have been talked about for the containment of Covid and how it affects society. What if the government is programming everyone to accept the next few lockdowns?

Dasani water is bought and used often in America, after experiencing backlash from the UK for exposing the company to using tap water and selling it. As the company became more popular more people began to notice the abnormal, unhealthy things about this water. To start, the ingredients contain salt, along with food additives, tap water from local water supplies, and magnesium sulfate. Wouldn’t adding salt to water make one more dehydrated? Therefore making that individual needing to purchase more water. Others also reported that when first opening the bottle, they heard a “fizzing” sound, which is weird because any normal water is not supposed to make that sound. Ever notice how at concerts or festivals they only sell Dasani water. That could be because they just want someone to spend more money.

Who knows whether these conspiracy theories are 100% true or not, it can be agreed that it’s fun to think of something so far from the norm and exercise one’s mind.