Drivers License


Kat Keller, Journalist

American actress and singer/songwriter Olivia Rodrigo has completely taken over the realm of pop culture with her latest works. The sixteen year old known for her prominent roles on Disney channel shows Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has recently released her new hit single “Drivers License”. The song, speculated to be about High School Musical co-star Joshua Bassett depicts the turmoil and hardships of going through heartbreak and losing her first love, enunciating on their shared fantasies of her getting her drivers license, and what it meant to have it without having him to share it with. This is not the first time Rodrigo has released a single that left everyone in tears, relatable or not, during the New Year. Last January, Olivia released her first song “All I Want” as part of the High School Musical: The Musical: The series soundtrack she had written for the title. “Drivers License” has got everyone wanting to drive through the suburbs, as the song has reached No. 1 all over the world in a matter of two weeks. CdM junior Mikayla Shaffer has plenty to say about her thoughts on the single.


“I really love this song. I think the lyrics are really beautiful and very relatable,” Mikayla says. “I love the way the song builds, I think the bridge is really fantastic.” she continues. The bridge to “Drivers License” depicts Olivia being reminded by small things of her past relationship, enunciating the fact that she feels unwell going back to places where memories were shared between the speculated pair. “I love that she’s a big Taylor Swift fan,” Mikayla touches on Rodrigo’s idolization of singer/songwriter Swift. “You can tell that she’s taken inspiration from Taylor in her music, especially with her emphasis on her lyricism and her bridges which is really cool.” she adds. Rodrigo has been a long time fan of the country artist turned pop phenomenon, and has quoted several times that she draws inspiration from her. “I think it was completely insane how well the song did considering it was her debut single, because I’ve been a fan of hers for a while and I totally did not expect for it to blow up like that.” Mikayla mentions how “Drivers License” has quickly climbed the charts, being named No.1 on Billboard’s Global 200 and owning Spotify’s record for most streams for a song in one week. “The music video is also a masterpiece. The aesthetics are so cool. The colors, the lighting, the candid footage, the fashion. The feeling of a late night drive was perfectly captured.”