AYS Meal Packing


Angelina Jia, Journalist

Over the last weekend in January, CdM leadership club A.Y.S. had a club meal packing event. They partnered with Grace Fellowship Church to help them reach their 100,000 meal goal. In two days, the club members contributed 2,700 meals in total. President Teddy King wrote in the club Instagram(@cdmatyourservice) post, “This weekend reminded us of how important it is to always give back, no matter how big or small”. The event MVP was Vice President Lexie Howell since she found the opportunity and hosted it in her garage. This event was well-coordinated, and there were even snacks provided for club members to have during their hard-work.


To actually pack the meals, the club members were each assigned a station and the bags would be passed down in an assembly line style. First, each meal bag(which has 6 servings) was opened and given a vitamin packet. Then, the bags were passed to the person who held them under the funnel while the contents(lentils, dried vegetables, and rice) were scooped and poured in. From there they were closed with a heat sealer and given to the person boxing. Each box had 36 bags, and AYS filled 12 in total. After the boxes are dropped off at the church, they will be given to Children Giving Hope, which ships them to Columbia and Venezuela to be distributed to those in need.

Being able to have a COVID-safe event that can impact that many people was really special. On top of getting to volunteer, the club members were able to chat and listen to music together.  After not seeing each other in person for almost a year, it was fun for the members to get bonding time in and meet the people who joined this school year.