An Interview With Principal Hill

Photo Courtesy of NMUSD

Photo Courtesy of NMUSD

Anabelle Taylor, Journalist

Last summer, Corona del Mar High School welcomed Joshua Hill as our new high school principal. However, under the unique circumstances of distance learning, most students don’t know too much about him. So, Trident magazine conducted an online interview.

 Principal Hill’s all-time favorite dessert is warm chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream. When he isn’t eating dessert he likes to read, play games with his family,  play disc golf, watch movies, hike, and camp. Mr. Hill’s favorite show to watch is The Office, but he enjoys Mindhunter as well. If he’s not watching The Office or Mindhunter, Mr. Hill likes to watch The Mission, his favorite movie since he was 21. Another favorite is the miniseries Lonesome Dove which he recommends to anyone who likes western movies.

Because Principal Hill started working at CdM during such an unusual time, he faces a unique set of challenges. According to Mr. Hill, the biggest difference between this year and other years is “having to try to learn about the school culture and people without actually being around them. It’s incredibly challenging trying to forge relationships from a distance.”  Principal Hill also says, “Zoom is helpful, but it still comes up short of actually being in person.”  With the new hybrid schedule, Mr. Hill will get the chance to meet students in cohorts A and B. To get through the mayhem of a crazy school year Mr. Hill says “we have to accept different as the new norm.”

Principal Hill also expressed his concerns about students returning to campus, “I am worried about people following the rules. If the school has a requirement that we wear face coverings or walk in a certain direction in a hallway, I want to feel confident that people will understand the reason behind the rule and follow it.” Principal Hill advises all Seakings to be cautious and to be considerate to their peers and teachers when going to school in person. Trident magazine thinks Principal Hill will be a perfect fit for Corona Del Mar High School