Who’s Bored in Lockdown?


Polina Barilo, Journalist

For most Corona del Mar students, school and sports took up the majority of time in their daily lives. With the new normal of online school, many students are likely feeling bored at home. Therefore, it is the perfect time to discover new hobbies and pastimes. Besides schoolwork and zoom meetings, there are many different possible activities to do at home.

Firstly, one could form a workout schedule. From jogs to hikes to at-home workouts, it is a healthy habit to add to one’s day. It is also possible to play sports or simply dance at home. In these stressful times, exercise can bring positivity to one’s mind and improve overall health. Another thing many people turn to is playing computer games, watching movies and TV shows, and talking with friends over the phone. However, Facetime and Netflix do not have to be the only possible pastimes. With so much free time, a book or intellectual articles can become valuable resources. There is no better time to acquire knowledge and educate oneself than in lock-down. Simply finding a comfortable spot, grabbing a snack, and delving into books can keep one occupied and happy for a long while.

Senior Alyssa Cairns explains what she has been up to, saying “I love to go outside with a towel, sit down with some snacks, and paint or draw. It is so relaxing, especially after I put on my favorite music”. Listening to music is also a great way to spend time at home. Additionally, now is a great time to polish one’s skills on an instrument. One could even learn a new instrument! Another great pastime is cooking, cleaning or organizing rooms. Lastly, Senior Morgan Zenz shares her favorite activities, saying “Besides walking my dog, I love to dress up, experiment with makeup, and have a small photoshoot with my sister”. With all these options to spend one’s time, quarantine doesn’t have to be boring and solely spent on online school.