NHS’ Working Wardrobe


Photo courtesy of The Balance Careers

Thuy Pham , Journalist

When the Working Wardrobes office burned down at the beginning of February, this non-profit organization began to reach out to its local community within Irvine and beyond for help. With this, Corona del Mar High School’s National Honor Society, a leadership group dedicated to fostering integrity and leadership through their four pillars, reached out to the organization. NHS students have been running their Working Wardrobes Clothing Drive, which has urged students to bring unworn business attire from their homes. Though the drive was supposed to start school-wide on March 16, the leadership group has halted this operation in light of recent events and the closure of school due to COVID-19.

Though NHS’ members are urging students of CdM to donate to the organization in hopes of returning them to where they were before the fire, many still don’t know what Working Wardrobes is. Working Wardrobes is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing impoverished Americans who are unable to obtain business attire for their jobs or job interviews. Without proper business attire, thousands of Americans are unable to enter the workforce, especially when they do not have clothes to do so. As an organization who values service as one of its four pillars, NHS members are hoping that this drive empowers other students as well as its current members to practice service not only in giving back to the organization but also the people who seek help from the organization.

Despite concerns over COVID-19, this has not stopped NHS members, who the information about the drive has been released to, from actively working to find all the business attire they can to donate. Also for the time being, NHS is working to start the drive up once school resumes. For now, NHS is hoping for the support of students school-wide for the drive and that once the current situation at hand dies down, that the drive can also run smoothly.