NCDM Takes Sacramento


Isabella Webb, Journalist

For Corona del Mar’s Youth and Government delegation (NCDM), Sacramento is the culmination of all their hard work during the year and the highlight of the program. Delegates flew to the state capitol on Thursday, February 13th for the 72nd Model Legislature and Court conference. Over the next four days, NCDM participated in a myriad of different program areas from National Issues Commission (NIC) to Board of Education to Constitutional Convention.
Leading the charge were the NCDM delegates who held elected statewide positions. Sophomore AJ Plumb and juniors Troy Tsubota and Macie Budde ran successful campaigns during the first conference. Training & Elections I. Tsubota served as one of four NIC Presiding Commissioners, and Budde and Plumb presided over their respective legislative houses as Pro Tempore.
The conference’s joint sessions featured multiple distinguished guest speakers, such as California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, California State Assembly member Evan Low, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, and California State Controller Betty Yee. NCDM was also honored at the closing joint session with Delegation of Distinction, an award recognizing delegations who go above and beyond in their civic participation and exemplify the spirit of the program.
Although Youth and Government provides incredible opportunity for growth in pre-professional fields, delegates often come out of the program appreciating the personal growth and friendships the most. Reflecting on her time in Y&G, Budde says, “I’ve learned when I step outside of my comfort zone that I can make such an impact!” Plumb agrees, “There is no other experience quite like getting behind a podium and speaking in front of hundreds of other passionate students.” Regardless of hobbies and career aspirations, Y&G is a program that everyone can grow and thrive in. Sophomore Bella Trachtman says, “Being in Sacramento and the legislature program was an experience I will never forget. Even though I personally don’t want a career in state politics, I felt so professional and grateful to be in such a historic place.” Plumb adds, “I would recommend Y&G to everyone. It blends hard work, fun with friends, helpful experiences, and lifetime memories.”
Despite nostalgia for Sacramento, NCDM is moving forward and preparing for next year with Executive Board elections coming up. Saying goodbye to seniors is always sad, but there is no doubt that the next generation of NCDM delegates are ready to rise to the occasion and take up the mantle.