PAL’s Look Up Week 2020


Audrey Tumbarello and Nika Aydin

This week CdM’s very own PAL(Peer Assistance Leadership) put on their annual Look Up Week. The goal of the week is to get off of phones and have a conversation with people eye to eye. PAL wants students to meet and socialize with students they may not know. Their aim is also to prevent texting and driving, because 1 in every 4 car accidents are caused by texting and driving. It is said that the more one interacts with people the happier they can be. By getting off the phone it lowers the screen time on one’s phone and it helps people improve their social skills.

While decorating for a campaign week may seem easy there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. PAL goes every Sunday before the campaign week to decorate the school with posters. All 30 members of PAL are in charge of making eight posters for each week. After the posters are made and stamped with approval from ASB then they are hung around the campus. Freshman Emily Chanawatr responded to why she thinks Look Up Week is important, “I think Look Up Week is important because it is important to encourage students to surround themselves with their friends. Being with your friends can boost your happiness.” Every once in a while after they all decorate at school they go out on bonding events.

This Monday, PAL is showing a video on Trident T.V. Tuesday, the leadership group is going to pass out bracelets to students 3rd period classes. For a different activity, PAL earlier in the week hid mini foam slips around campus for students to find. Each individual slip has the saying “Take Me” on it and on the back it says something like “thank you for looking up. Please come to the ASB room to receive a prize.” The prize is candy. On Thursday, PAL is going to be in the ASB room so students can meet new kids that they have never met before and also get free candy. Friday is the final wrap up day and later in the day the club members go around the school taking down their posters and placing them under the trash cans for them to get thrown away.

In hopes of lots of participation, PAL set up this campaign week decorating the school greatly and making new creative activities for students to “look up.”