The Final Winter Rally of the Decade


Thuy Pham , Journalist

Each year during the holiday season and the week before winter reccess begins, CdM students and faculty come together to celebrate the joy and spirit of the holiday season. CdM’s holiday rally is unlike any other pep rally that any high school or CdM has ever witnessed, and each year it gets even better. This rally, unlike the other pep rallies, was performed twice for both the middle school and the high school. It is rare that the middle school is able to witness the production CdM’s High School ASB puts on for their rallies, so the holiday rally is the perfect tease for what middle school students can expect for their future rallies as Sea Kings. The Holiday Rally is a thousand-dollar and school-wide production that gets those that are not typically on the selective performance units for rallies a chance to get involved. With this, students at Corona del Mar are given the opportunity of witnessing one of CdM’s biggest annual productions.

This year’s theme was holiday-themed family movies. From titles like Home Alone to ELF, CdM’s ASB drew inspiration from these classics and implented them into anything they could for the rally, from posters, props, costumes, and even performances. For example, drawing inspiration from a typical holiday gathering with hot chocolate, called CdM’s dance team, Orchesis to the stage, where they were dressed up as waittresses “serving hot chocolate.” Performing acts like CdM’s Orchesis, Pep Squad, sports teams, and more put in immense amounts of time and effort into each of their performances for the rally. With this, CdM students were impressed with the different holiday films that were represented by each of the performing acts.

“We put lots of time and effort into the holiday rally, it is a super important production for everyone. We practice both during lunch and after school for weeks or even months before the actual rally in order to put on a production of this scale for the school,” said Orchesis co-president and Senior Emma Wang.

CdM’s holiday rally is not only well-loved by its students, but also the faculty, who come together before kicking off the winter recess.