Wellness Wednesday: Making Friendship Bracelets


Lucy Millman, Journalist

On Wednesday, November 20th, ASB hosted another Wellness Wednesday. Wellness Wednesday events are meant to provide CdM students with fun events that help them to relax in the midst of all of the stress they face on a daily basis. Past Wellness Wednesdays have consisted of Bob Ross painting sessions and watching the Office. This week, students were invited to come to the ASB office at lunch and make friendship bracelets. The tables were full of beads and string and students gathered with their friends to make bracelets for both themselves and their friends. Senior Kira Mason said , “I thought it was really fun to be able to just hang out and make the bracelets with friends!”

This week is Friendship Week at CdM. There are numerous daily goals for students to complete, making this week a very fun and unique one. Students have been encouraged to make connections with their teachers, smile at people in the hallways, and open the doors for others, whether they know them or not. On Thursday, HRC will be passing out their annual happy grams, adding even more to Friendship Week. Wellness Wednesday was an important part of Friendship Week, and many students at the event were able to talk to new people and make new friends. Senior Megan Fisk has been an important leader in Wellness Wednesdays, attempting to spread positivity throughout the CdM campus and help students find a calm environment. Fisk says that “it was so amazing to see so many people come in with their friends and make these bracelets. They really seemed to be having fun and relaxing, while spreading positivity and kindness. To me, there’s nothing better than that.”

Overall, the event seemed to be a major success, with many people gathered around and forgetting about the stress of school for a little bit, all while making new connections and new friends.