PAL’s Friendship Week 2019


Anabelle Taylor, Journalist

November 12 to November 15 was Friendship Week. Friendship week is hosted by Peer Assistance Leadership (PAL) every year. This week promotes kindness and a more inclusive community at CdM. On Wednesday, PAL leaders passed out thought topics to tables at lunch. This activity allowed students at CdM to have easy access to a fun conversation. It also lead to conversations that may not have otherwise taken place.

Thursday, Pal teamed up with Best Buddies, another club at CDM. Best Buddies is a program that unifies groups of students within grade level. Best Buddies is also an avid supporter in Friendship week, so Pal and Best Buddies joined forces and are put on friendship week together. This was yet another example of coming together as a result of Friendship week. The two clubs played games in the small gym at lunch that anyone could join. Students played scooter basketball, talked, jump roped, and played regular basketball. One member of Best Buddies said, “I love friendship week because I get to make new friends”. The two groups goal of this event is to promote an inclusive culture on campus. 

The finale of friendship week took place on Friday. Everyone on campus was welcome to go into Ms. Ramirez’s room to watch The Office during lunch. The Office was a perfect choice for a show because it showcases wonderful friendships, with the most common favorite among CdM students being Dwight and Jim. In addition to watching The Office and eating lunch while hanging out with friends (or soon-to-be friends), students also participated in making friendship bracelets. Friendship bracelets were provided by PAL and according to the attendants, were a lot of fun to make.

When asked about Friendship Week, Freshman Emily Hurwitz, a PAL member on the Friendship week board, said “Friendship Week is so important because it’s a great opportunity to leave your regular group of friends to reach out and connect with other people. Overall, I do think Friendship Week was a success. Everyone put a lot of effort into the posters and events and they were all great and fun.”

PAL members worked hard to prepare for Friendship Week and the hard work paid off. Each person made at least five posters that were hung up in hallways and across campus. Friendship Week is sincerely an incredible event that enhances the closeness of CDM.