CdM Spirit Day 2019


Lucy Millman, Journalist

Last Friday, Corona del Mar hosted a spirit day. Students were encouraged to wear their class shirt and would receive a donut at break as a result. Class shirt days are meant to display class pride and also promote unity within each grade. ASB also uses class shirt days as a way to start promoting the annual Clash of the Classes rally.

Each class shirt day, a different grade’s class council puts on an event during break. Last Friday, the juniors were the ones to put on the event. They put on a game where certain students were chosen to participate. These students tied balloons to their shoelaces and tried to stomp and pop on their competitors balloons until they were the last one standing with their balloons intact.

Many people gathered by the stage to watch the game and get donuts. Students in all grades wore their class shirts and seemed to really enjoy the event at break, making the day a big success. Senior Karim Kaylani was among those who loved the class shirt day, saying that “It’s really awesome seeing our grade all come together and wear the same shirt. It gives me a strong sense of community.” Senior Riley Foster also really enjoyed the class shirt day, saying, “I think it’s a really cool idea to have each grade dress up in their class shirt because it creates school spirit and class unity within each grade.”

The class shirts were originally made for the first clash of the classes rally two years ago. Since then, clash of the classes has become an annual event that each grade can look forward to. In future years, ASB might even use class shirt days as a way for each grade to earn points for their class throughout the year.

Overall, class shirt day proved to be a positive experience that does a good job in creating spirit and unity throughout each grade and the entire school.