An Interview with Felino Turner

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An Interview with Felino Turner

Lucy Millman, Journalist

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What made you want to start your own booking company?

I wouldn’t consider myself a company. Companies have quotas and employees and are for profit. I started putting on concerts because there weren’t many in my area at the time and I didn’t want to keep going to LA and Riverside each weekend to hear bands that are from OC. Pretty much it was a way to create enjoyment for myself while also providing it for others. Now it’s become more business oriented and I have to adapt to what is in demand. It’s really just gambling on bands. Some nights you lose some, some nights you make some. It’s all about knowing which bands and what venues will draw people.

What type of shows do you usually put on?

I started with strictly punk and hardcore punk, but as of January 2019 I’ve also started incorporating surf rock, grunge, ska, and indie into my shows. It’s hard to give it a genre. It’s best just described and the SoCal sound.

How did you start it?

I started very small, with no goals in mind. I talked to a couple friends who were in bands and we put together a show at Volcom skatepark. Only a few people showed up, but I didn’t know how to promote a show at the time, nor did I take it seriously. Since we didn’t have proper permits for live music, the cops shut us down after the third band. But it was one of the most important nights for me as it was where I met most of my friends that I have today.

What is your favorite part of it?

My favorite part has got to be the look on peoples faces during my shows. Even on nights where I lose money, knowing that I made even just one person’s night better makes me happy.

What’s your favorite show that you’ve put on?

My favorite show that I’ve put on has got to be June 27th at Malone’s. Moss and Gums Headlined, and it was a packed night. Everyone just had a good time and there was no drama or problems throughout the show, which is rare when it comes to punk.

What is your craziest or funniest story?

Craziest show I had was at El Rincon on April 26th. Right from the moment I walked in to setup for the night it was already a disaster. There was a lot of miscommunication with the owners, but we worked it out thinking that was the end of problems. By the fourth band, one of walls, which was shared with the jewelry store next door, had a giant hole in it. I’m guessing it was an accident but I still have no clue who did it or how it happened. The owners pretty much held us for ransom, saying we gotta pay $500 on the spot or he shuts it down. We paid it because people wanted to see Shock Therapy, and then within 10 minutes of them playing, a guy in a lobster costume passed out of heat exhaustion and we had to call an ambulance. Meanwhile, there’s some guy going around punching random girls. That’s where the owners drew the line and shut it all down. The cops came while we packed up the gear and fled out the back door. Suprisingly, this show was one of the most successful ones in terms of profit.

Do you wanna continue it when you’re older?

At this point, it doesn’t really matter if I want to continue or not as I’m too invested. I already got into college for music business and I’ve got shows planned for 2020 that have deposits paid. But yes, I do want to continue doing this for the meantime. I don’t know if I’ll ever get bored or plateau and lose all my money, but we’ll see where the future takes me.

What’s your next show?

By the time this gets published my next show will have most likely already passed, since I have one or two shows a week now. But I’m really looking forward to my November shows as they’ve got some big headliners including Death Lens, 3Lh, and Kicked off the Streets. You can find a full calendar with upcoming events and ticket links on my instagram, @quietgame.oc
Maybe I’ll see some CdM faces there!