Battle of the Bay Spirit Week 2019


Britta Wolker, Journalist

The days leading up to the end of the week are always filled with anxiety, especially when Friday is the day of the most important football game of the season, Battle of the Bay. A week of action-packed school spirit, Wednesday was the first day of Spirit Week. On that day, students were to wear either blue or white clothing. All throughout the day, campus was decorated with our school colors, from the posters hung up in every part of the school to the blue and white clothing of the students. During break that day, students gathered along the quad, forming a circle in the middle in which students could come up one by one to score a touchdown through uprights set up about one-hundred meters from the initial kick-off area. While most kids practically sent the football flying to the opposite end of the school, it was an entertaining and worthwhile ten-minute break.
On Thursday, students wore jerseys to represent their favorite school. Several students wore USC jerseys while the football team wore their CDM jerseys, and performing groups like orchesis wore their black cropped football-style jerseys. Ninth grader Yasmeen Kallel mentioned that school spirit is important to consider because “although our school consists of different ages and grade levels, school spirit is the one thing that every student can participate in and take the time to enjoy while bringing everyone together in a special way.” As students hurried to get the last of the “Our House” BOTB shirts for the big day, a feeling of intense anticipation swept through campus like a lit firework.
At last, game day had come. This time around, black shirts with the words “Our House” and in smaller text below, “Corona Del Mar High School” were printed onto the 2019 BOTB shirts. A seemingly basic black tee was worn in a variety of ways including a cropped, tube top, or tied up fashion. Friday was of course the most exciting day because of the rally held before break. The gym that day was the most school spirited it had ever been. Echoes of music and wild cheering bounced off the walls as different performing groups put on a show. Maddie Canfield, a ninth grader described her favorite of the rally being when “ASB played videos for different sports on a big screen and when the dance teams performed.” Every year, CDM takes pride in their undefeated title against harbor, it wasn’t a surprise that later that night, their “sixpeat” streak had become a “sevenpeat” to sink the sailors once again.