Come See The Fall Play Puffs!


Sammy Pierotti, Journalist

As the nights get colder and Halloween grows closer, everyone is excited to bring some fall vibes into their life. And what better way to do that than to watch and old classic: Harry Potter? Or even better, a reimagined story featuring everyone’s favorite characters taking place in Hogwarts castle? Puffs, the CdM fall play, is a satirical interpretation of what was going on with the rest of the school while Harry Potter repeatedly saves the day. It focuses on the Puffs, (better known as the Hufflepuffs), a group of lovable outcasts who want a little bit of the action. With new characters to love, like angsty Megan played by Alyssa Arbogast, and old favorites like Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter (played by Will Golan and Sierra Stoliar, respectively) Puffs has something for everyone!

Acting as a character as well known as Harry Potter poses a particular set of challenges. Stoliar had to make the audience see Potter as the Puffs see him, an arrogant and egotistical attention hog. “It’s a parody, so it’s supposed to poke fun,” said Stoliar during intermission, “I just wanted him to be the cockiest Hogwarts student ever. Like jock on steroids. That’s why you won’t recognize Potter as much in the play.” Stoliar also worked to design costumes for Puffs. The play is set in the 1990’s, which is historically accurate to when the Harry Potter books came out. Stoliar drew inspiration from the time period to make the costumes, saying “Once I really started to dig into the 90’s, I wanted to take it to the extreme.” Denim and bright colors are commonplace in the Puffs wardrobes. Actress Phoebe Alva, who appears on stage decked out in overalls covered in doodles, is the perfect example the fashion in Puffs. “Part of the goal was to make it look like the Puffs were the kids who go home at night and put puff paint on their clothes, just because they don’t have anything better to do.” Alva explained.

Puffs is truly a student run production. All of the technology, including the spotlight and soundboards, are run by high schoolers. The props, along with the set itself, are all handmade as well. “We had a tech weekend in which we came here from 8 am to 5 pm to make all the costumes, all the props, and the set. It was all just the students working on it.” Alva said. The set itself features four doors, each painted the colors of the traditional Hogwarts houses, with hilarious details added. The Puffs door is decorated with childlike drawings that appear to be done with finger paint while the “Braves” (Gryffindor) door is adorned with trophies. Goofy and satirical references to the original series can be found throughout the play, leaving die hard fans laughing at the end of every scene. But do not worry! One doesn’t have to major in Harry Potter trivia to enjoy the play, there’s more than enough content to keep the average viewer entertained.

It’s more than apparent that the theatre department has put their heart and soul into producing Puffs. The acting is phenomenal, the costumes are eye-catching, and the set design is wonderful. If one looks closely at any part of the play, they can clearly see how much thought and effort has been put behind it. So go and see it! The show dates are October 30th at 7, November 1st at 7, November 2nd at 7, and November 3rd at 2. Tickets are on sale now, and can be easily purchased by clicking the link in the @puffs.cdmhs Instagram bio. See you there!