The Internet’s First Boy Band

Brockhamptons Uprise to Fame

Photo courtesy of: Brock Hampton

Meeting online through a Kanye West fan forum, 15 boys came together to produce four albums in the past two years. From sending tracks back and forth to being on their first tour across the U.S., the boy band has come a long way.

According to The Fader, the band was formed by Texas raised creative visionary and artist, Kevin Abstract. Abstract’s two albums, MTV1987 and American Boyfriend were inspired by artists such as Tyler the Creator, Cid Cuti, and Pink Floyd, all of which have inspired Brockhamptons’ music style as well.

Brockhampton has 8 vocalists in the group who all contribute different aspects to the groups unique set of tracks on each album. In 2016 Brockhampton released their first album, All American Trash, followed by the trilogy, Saturation. Both albums contain a mix of genres and captivately raw lyrics.

One anonymous student stated,” My favorite song is “SWEET”  because I am able to listen to the lyrics and clearly understand the story that’s being told, that is what I love about a lot of their songs, they are real.” “SWEET”  is one of the groups well known tracks with a groove that appeals to each members flow leaving plenty of space for Dom McLennon’s fast spitting and Matt Champion’s humorous ad libs.

In contrary to “SWEET’s” vibe, the group also compels a more emotional aspect to their capability in the track “FACE.” The song’s literary content portrays the concept of love and the pain it comes with. Russell Boring who goes by Joba, starts the song featuring his vocal range.

Another anonymous student stated,” I like how everyone in the ‘boy band’ is a part in making the two different takes on a rap genre, they are able to have songs like “BOOGIE” or “HEAT” while still being able to have songs like “SUMMER” where we discover a more sentimental side of some of the boys like Bearface and Jaba.”

Along with the platform the band has formed through their music style and diverse genre, their music videos made on the streets with a zero dollar budget have portrayed a certain engaging charm to all fans. In addition, the band is also known for the orange jumpsuits they wear at their concerts with a stage set up as a house-held room, a couch, a chair, a fan.

Whether it be through their new albums or Viceland episodes, BROCKHAMPTON will continue to exceed expectations with their individuality and their love driven passion to create music.