Wellness Wednesday


Emma Joyce and Natasha Karam

Every month, CdM’s ASB hosts ‘Wellness Wednesday’s’ in their ASB room to demote stress. During May the group of students decided to organize the meeting to have cookie decorating stations while watching ‘The Office’ during lunch.
ASB’s students’ welcomed all grades into their classroom to socialize and take a break from their school day. ASB member and sophomore, Reece Kenerson, stated while at the lunch meeting,” I love Wellness Wednesday’s because they give the opportunity to relax and not worry about all my stress from school work.”
Stress on campus is a major issue that faculty and student leaders try not to overlook. A students mental health can often affect their academic performance and by giving students the time to destress while at school is beneficial.
In the past year, CdM’s community has created numerous ways to combat stress. Break time activities and ‘Wellness Wednesday’s’ were both made in the effort to improve the CdM environment.
Along with making cookies ‘Wellness Wednesday’s’ have also held painting events in honor of Bob Ross and movie watching events. The purpose of the events are to help release stress and give students the time to self reflect on themselves rather than homework.
Sophomore, Alden Mulroy, stated,” I have gone to almost every Wellness Wednesday this year and I have had so much fun each time. It is nice to know there is a place on campus that we can rely on to ease stress, especially at the end of the year.”
Student, Jake Trachtman stated,” I believe events like this are important in order for change to occur on campus and I love The Office so it is always fun to watch it with friends at school.” ASB students continue to create new and unique ways to moderate the stress of their students. Their creative and passionate attitudes are much appreciated by the CdM community.