Statue of Liberty Museum


Audrey Tumbarello, Journalist

Thursday, May 16, 2019, the Statue of Liberty Museum opened to the public after five years of building it. Thousands of people every day take a trip to the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. Now people who can’t catch a ticket to the Statue of Liberty or just want to stay on solid land can now go visit the museum. How the museum works is that when visitors first walk through a three-part video of the history of the statue. According to CNN, “the video details how those events inspired French artist Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi to create the Statue and finish with what the Statue has come to signify both in the US and around the world.” In the museum, visitors can see the statues original torch. Since New York has unpredictable weather the building is built way up so flooding does not damage the building. The project was a $100 million project.

Not only did the museum just open, but many people are not able to spend the money to come to visit New York so The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is launching a free iOS app. This app allows people around the world to learn about the Statue of liberty without visiting it in person. According to CNN,  “the app lets users see a time-lapse view from the Statue’s eyes, take a peek inside the structure, access archived photos and see how its color changed over time.” The app gives viewers the ability to access to view photos, drawings, and a green film. The apps name is the Statue of Liberty app and there is a podcast to go with it called Raising the Torch. Raising the Torch podcast has episodes that feature different historians who discuss the Statue of Liberty’s past.

A new museum opened and an app with a podcast to go along with it. It’s definitely worth checking out.