Drama 2 and 3 Showcase


Angelina Jia, Journalist

On the night of the showcase, families and friends waited in the audience for the show to begin. When the murmur amongst the guests was interrupted by the announcement that the show would start, everyone excitedly took to watching the stage in silence.

The first act was a comedy done by drama two about appropriate audience behaviors while watching a play. The actors on stage were Hamlet from their seats, which was being performed in the wings of the stage. House audience members could watch both the students’ reenactment of Hamlet(without noise), or the actors playing audience members on stage. While watching students play the audience sounds quite boring, it was actually very entertaining and well done. These guests were no ordinary guests, they were loud, over the top, and disrespectful. Each actor had a different type of annoying audience behavior, some examples are Sanam Eslami and Logan Nixon were always scared and threw popcorn around the stage, Ashleigh Weinstock was a person who loved theater and just wanted to watch, and Forbes Painter was a psychopath. The people doing the Hamlet part of the act were amazing as well. They made it very comedic and fun for the actual audience to watch.

When it was time for the second act, the audience didn’t know what to expect, what would drama three be doing for their act? All we knew was that it had to do with murder. Upon return from intermission, the incoming guests were greeted with a prop on stage in front of the curtain. It was a lightbox saying “onair” and a table behind. Once the lights dimmed, and the act begun, Christopher Cruttenden was speaking from the table, he was a talk show host. From there, the audience was thrown into a confusing and mysterious play involving murder, secret agents, and the thirty-nine steps. Natalie Lindley and Tom Eastmond were the main characters of this show, and were on the run. The second act was done well and had been gripping to watch.

Overall, the drama showcase was a great experience, and the support during the show was unlike the normal plays. Families and friends clapped and cheered extra loud for the people they came to support. The actors did a really good job designing all of the sets, costumes, and makeup on their own. Both drama two and three did an impressive job with their acts, and the (real) audience was not disappointed.