Coachella 2019

Zoe Deralas, Journalist

Since 1999, Coachella has been known as one of the most iconic music festivals that features the top trending artists, activities, foods, photo ops and much more. There are always two weekends to this event that take place in April every year. The same lineup is offered for both weekends, but allows for a more spread out venue as 250,000 people in total attend.

The weekends are three days long taking place on Friday through Sunday. This year weekend one fell on April 12th- April 14th, while weekend two took place on April 19th-21st. This year the lineup was filled with artists from all over the world who gave spectacular performances. The following link leads to a list of the 2019 performers: Some highlight or favorite performances were done by BIllie Eilish, Zedd, Khalid and Ariana Grande.

Billie Eilish put on a insanely entertaining show featuring songs from both her old and new albums, and her performance was approximately an hour long. Zedd showed off his extremely talented DJ skills as he played his most famous songs ranging back from 2012 to now. Khalid sang his hit songs along with a few newly introduced tracks. Ariana Grande focused on singing a variety of songs from her newest album and she performed for an hour as well. She also brought out Justin Bieber, who sang his hit single “Sorry”.

There are an endless amount of activities one can do while at the festival as well, such as ride the ferris wheel, go to the tourist attraction called Antarctica, see the colorful Spectra building, go to the Indio Market and more. There are hundreds of food vendors that cater to the event, and a few of my favorites were their mac and cheese pizza, fruity pebbles churro ice cream sundaes, fried chicken sandwiches and the chicken pad thai.

Overall, the second weekend delivered quite a fun vibe, and the festival planners did a wonderful job of making the event one to remember for the festival goers.