Earth Day Fair


Tara Afshar, Journalist

The annual Earth Day Fair at Corona Del Mar High School took place on Tuesday, April 22nd. Booths set up by students, clubs, and different organizations found ways to spread their message about saving our Earth. Various booths in our student quad each had flyers and information boards spreading important tidbits of ways to reduce waste by reducing single use plastics, vegetarianism, pescetarianism, and veganism. Most of the groups there, were students running booths as a project for their honors biology class. The students were asked to change one aspect of their life that could better the environment for a week, report about it, then display their change at one of the many booths.

The participants in the fair had to leave early from class in order to set up their booths before lunch started. All booths were made with reused poster boards in order to minimize the waste created, and had a game that other students could play to win various prizes. Most booth games were trivia games with a “spin the wheel” aspect, or flashcards, where you could win candy, stamps, or stickers.

Freshman Natalie Moorhead said, “It was nice to see the product of all our hard work come together after all this time. We started this project after winter break and this was its third and final part to it”. Moorhead also went on to say that “everyone was so proud of their projects, and it was fun to go around and see what everyone else did for their environmental change”.

Soon enough the fair came to a close, and students began to pack up their displays to take home. It was safe to say that Corona Del Mar High School’s Annual Earth Day Fair was a tremendous success.