An SNL Debut


Thuy Pham, Journalist

Saturday Night Live, which aired its first episode in the 1980s, has created and continued an extensive tradition of comedy skits, live band performances, and various other forms of entertainment for American audiences. When the show initially debuted on television screens across the nation through NBC, with its original title being NBC’s Saturday Night. Broadcasted live every Saturday from Rockefeller Plaza, SNL has had a wide variety of hosts, primarily those who are leading figures of the American entertainment industry. Throughout its time of airing episodes, this variety show has received many awards. Though the show primarily features American celebrities, this past weekend’s episodes was one for the SNL history books. BTS, a South Korean boy group, made their SNL television debut.

Not only was BTS’ appearance as a musical guest on SNL historical, but Emma Stone’s return to the SNL show proved to be significant. According to Stone, she has been watching SNL since she was a little girl with her family and relatives. Though South Korea hosts a Saturday Night Live themselves, the SNL of the United States is incomparable in terms of both its history and iconic comedy skits. BTS’ guest appearance on the SNL stage garnered much attention for both the show and the band, with people from all around the world tuning in to watch this particular episode.

Through Twitter and Facebook, BTS fans from around the world recorded live-streams for those who didn’t have access to a TV to tune in. As for New York locals, fans began camping out for the actual show since a week prior in hopes of scoring stand-by tickets for the actual show. This campout for tickets proved to be one of the most reported about and locally recognized event since fans camped out weeks in advance for the Citi Field date of BTS’ Love Yourself tour last fall. Though many were able to score tickets to the dress rehearsal, few were able to score tickets to the live recording of the show.

When BTS took to the stage to perform for their worldwide audience, fans erupted in cheers as Emma Stone kicked off the show- returning to the SNL stage for the first time a long time. Throughout the show, from comedy references to BTS to even teasing the audience filled with BTS fans about their performance – the show received extremely high ratings. When BTS took to the stage, they performed first the new title track of their EP ‘Map of the Soul: Persona,’ Boy with Luv, and later Mic Drop from their 2017 EP ‘Love Yourself: Her.’ With a live band playing in the back, BTS showcased to both American and worldwide audiences their stage presence and unprecedented popularity.