Benefits of Embroidery

Angelina Jia, Journalist

Different types of embroidery can be found in every culture across the world and the practice has been around for a very long time. Whether it is used on clothing, home goods, or as a display, this art form is an essential piece to our material culture.

Even if someone isn’t familiar with the term, they most likely have seen embroidery in their lives at one point or another. To simply explain it, embroidery is the practice of decorating fabric using a needle and yarn/string. Almost anyone can pick up this hobby since, besides time-consuming, it doesn’t take much effort to learn or do. Like most things, as one’s skills develop, they can begin to master advanced techniques, making more intricate and detailed designs as they learn. In embroidery, people usually start out learning basic stitches such as back stitch and french knots and then advance on to satin and fishbone stitches. The appealing part of embroidery for many is the creativity involved. The embroiderer gets full liberty to decide their patterns, types of stitches, and colors. They can combine multiple techniques to create different textures, looks, and depths.

Not only is embroidery an enjoyable way to pass the time, it also has a multitude of benefits. Ozment Media has done research on the pros of embroidery and have found that it helps the brain in many ways. By having to create the designs and add finishing embellishments, it gives the artist a boost in developing creativity. Doing the actual needle and thread work can have benefits in discipline and brain function. Since it takes a lot of patience to plan, thread the needles, and make each and every individual stitch by hand, one teaches themselves discipline while working on their project. Having to thread needles and poke it through specific points on the fabric has been found to improve brain function and keeps people sharper mentally. Besides these benefits, embroidery is also a great way to relieve stress. It gives a person something to focus their attention to when there is too much happening all around them.

Overall, embroidery is a fun, easy, and beneficial hobby to pick up. I personally have been learning the art for a month now and have really enjoyed making patterns and expressing myself through my projects. I have noticed feeling more relaxed and less attached to my electronic devices. I would recommend this hobby to anyone who wants a way to express themselves on something other than paper.