Behind the Scenes of the Drowsy Chaperone


Lauren von Aspen, Journalist

Behind the scenes of any successful show are several hard-working crew members who all too often go unrecognized by the audience, and Corona del Mar’s spring musical, The Drowsy Chaperone is no exception. Stage management keeps the production running smoothly. Led by stage manager Michelle Percival, stage management also includes assistant stage managers Daisy Ma, Nick Geohegan, and Will Geoghegan. The run crew works directly behind the curtains, moving props and set pieces on and off stage, helping with quick changes, opening and closing curtains, and generally helping the show run smoothly. The run crew is headed by Lucan Stargiotti and includes ASM’s Will Geoghegan and Nick Geohegan. and grips Paige Nguyen, Lauren von Aspen, Jillian Marquez, Chris, Raha Khodabakhshi, and Alex Lee.

While the actors create the characters, a set creates a world with which they can interact. Set crew is a vital part of the show, helping set the stage of the show. Countless hours were put into creating the set, mostly by set manager senior Lucan Stargiotti and also Lauren von Aspen, Will Geoghegan, Raha Khodabakhshi, Paige Nguyen, Emma Place, and Jaik Suri. The costumes for Drowsy Chaperone are incredibly important, allowing both the character and the times to shine through. Costume crew was headed by Violette Remington and included Katie Gilliam, Kaylee Aguilar, Chloe Taylor, Bella Picquelle, Leyla Rakshani, and Audrey Ahmed. The lighting arrangements for the show were designed by Ben Lederman, Alex Lee, and Erica Sjoholm and operated by Erica Sjoholm, Claire Lewis, Jaik Suri, and Lucy Milliman. Audio is run by Tony Liang and props were created by Brenna Roberts. The makeup and hair crew, run by Jennifer Rosales and Tamra Barillo, includes Katie Allen, Kaya Placido, Angela Harris-Copland, and Michael Baugher. And of course, none of this would be possible without the director Elise Ybarra. So many people make a successful show, and without any of the crews, the full magic of a musical would not be possible.